Websites for Manufacturers

Upcoming Webinar

Friday, October 25th - 1:00 PM EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: Free

94% of buyers in the Industrial Buying Cycle research information online before making a purchasing decision. (2018 State of B2B Procurement Study)

Manufacturers need a strong website. They need to reach potential customers with their product and capabilities. Many potential sales could be in an early phase where you haven’t heard from them yet. That’s the education phase. The major question is “can you do what they do what they need you to do”?

Many marketing gurus think that manufactures are slow to ramp up great website practices. If that is true, use this to your advantage. Be the industry leader with the website that stands out. Our discussion will highlight website strategies that need to be “tweaked” for manufacturers. We will touch on keyword strategy, content strategy and lead generation. Let’s push the conventional wisdom on website best practices and talk specifics about manufacturing.

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