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Polish Before You Post

Blogging is an excellent strategy to build traffic and expertise on your website. But we suspect that you may not be getting all you can from your blog posts. Do you optimize your blogs before publishing? What is the minimum amount of information your post needs for better SEO? Find out during April’s webinar while you watch Cybervise post a new blog live.

Our webinar in April will solve two major problems. We will show how to post a blog with good optimization and get it right the first time. Helping your posts rank in search faster. Second, when you optimize posts as they go live, you save time and money. Because no one has to go back and clean up the SEO issues later.

We will also introduce two advanced optimization techniques. If blogs play a big role in your marketing strategy, we have two items you might want to add to your blogging checklists.

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What We Will Cover

  • Required Content in a Blog Post
  • Adding the extra touches – images, headings, resources and summaries.
  • Two advanced techniques for the serious blogger.

Upcoming Broadcast

Tuesday, April 27th @ 1:00pm EST
Duration = 30 mins.
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Registration is FREE for all attendees.

Should you Attend?

  • Yes – if you are the decision maker for your business website.
  • Yes – if you manage the team that manages your business website.
  • Yes – if you wish your website was doing more.
  • Yes – if you are trying to figure out where to invest website budget for next year.
  • No – if you are looking for a demo. This is a strategic discussion.

What is Website Peak Performance Series?

Website Peak Performance is a monthly webinar series by Cybervise Limited. Each month we present a 30 minute program to discuss current topics on managing a professional website. Registration is always free. Each broadcast should provide a new action item on how to improve your website. Visit our Webinar Archive to view all past sessions.