Yes, Cybervise is a Maintenance company. The focus of what we do is maintenance. We are often asked the question, “Do you guys build new websites?” To quote our customers, “we want it done right the first time”. The answer is Yes, we do build new websites. Most of our schedule is usually taken up by existing clients with ideas for new projects. But based on our availability, we will take on a new build. Especially if you could be a good maintenance client when we are done.

Our New Development Work Will Be in WordPress.

We do help maintain websites on many different platforms. When asked to build a new site, the work would be in WordPress. If your current site is not a WordPress site, we would migrate it to WordPress for development.

Projects that are a Great Fit for Cybervise

Here are some typical projects that would be right up our alley!

  • Convert Your Website to WordPress Platform. – If you still like how your website looks. We can take an existing website design and convert it to the WordPress platform. We can start with any platform. Even if you don’t have access to a CMS now. This can help give your staff more autonomy and make it much easier to keep your site up-to-date.
  • Migrate existing design to an updated WordPress Theme. – This is good if you have a theme that is abandoned. Or you are not happy with the backend editing or SEO of your current theme.
  • Implementing a new theme. – If you have a really old WordPress site and just want to do something quick and fresh. We can help select and load a new theme. Emphasize making sure the new environment was easy to maintain for your team. And provide suggestions to fix SEO, accessibility or information architecture issues.
  • Re-creating a site that has crashed. – We can take the pieces still available and try to bring back the site you had.
  • You have a design ready, you need someone to build it out in WordPress. – One of the things we are really good at is building exactly what you give us.
  • Add E-commerce to your existing WordPress site. – We can help with store setup from start to finish. Including any outside-the-box shopping options or member’s only functions.
  • Add advanced functionality to your WordPress site. – Examples of recent projects include a product customizer. A custom search/filter tool. Connection to 3rd party tools for things like online instruction or digital sales.
  • Build out a second site at a subdomain to match the current site. – We have done this several times for many reasons.  One was for an employee portal.  Another was for a sales dashboard for new customers.  A member’s only portal to sell subscriptions to digital content. Or a separate online store that can be managed separately from the main site.

You Don’t Want Cybervise for these Website Redesign Projects

  • Start-up Company – no website to begin with.  We are better at fixing and editing then starting with a blank page.
  • Rebranding – our focus is function, not image.  We can implement any design,  but we are not the ones to come up with the look.
  • Personal Projects or Blogs – we work with companies and even solo entrepreneurs. But not personal projects.

Would you like to see a few samples?

Visit our Project Portfolio for a sample of some of the projects we completed this year.

Would you like us to take a look?

We would be happy to discuss your planned website project and let you know how we could help. Signup for a free website consultation.