Maintain, Protect and Support Your Business Website

Cybervise Website Maintenance Plans include a block of hours to use for your current website priorities. Use it for asking questions, small projects, optimization, routine tasks, and troubleshooting problems. Our plans include:

Updates and Changes

We prioritize all updates, especially the small details. Bring us your updates and we can find a way to work it into your plan.

Website Monitoring

We monitor for uptime, Google Search Console error notifications, malware or malicious code, site speed, spam and software security issues.

Tech Support

We can solve your website problems, answer questions or show you what needs to be done. Webmasters available to take calls during business hours.

WordPress Maintenance

Weekly system and software updates are included in all of our plans. We also provide weekly cloud backups and site disaster recovery service.

SEO Services

We focus on Technical SEO. We can also help with building a strategy and research.

Developer Hours

Start with 4 hours of Cybervise support. We also have 8, 12 and 16 hour plans available.

About Cybervise

Cybervise Limited is a website maintenance consulting firm that works with existing business websites. Cybervise Limited has been operating in Cincinnati since 2007. We provide service to over 109+ clients on a monthly/reoccurring basis, including local and national clients.

All of our webmasters are experienced professionals with degrees in either website development, web design or computer science. All work is located in our Cincinnati, Ohio office. We do not out-source our projects.

Website Maintenance is the focus of our business. Maintenance is not an add-on service for us.  We focus on the small day-to-day tasks that are needed to run a professional website. Cybervise can fix what is broken or re-do the entire website, we customize solutions to meet your needs.

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WordPress Website?

Our Monthly Website Maintenance Plans now include WordPress Software Maintenance. No matter how long it takes. No matter how many updates WordPress releases in a month. Cybervise will take care of it and the time does not count against your 4 plan hours.

Unique Features of our Monthly Website Maintenance Plan

Service Agreement

Requests to our support team are handled within two business days. If your issue can be solved in that time, we will tell you right away.

Check-in Call

Need to ask a question or talk through an idea? 30 minute monthly call is included with your plan. Use it to review with Cybervise staff work needed on your website.

Live Phone Support

You will always reach a webmaster during our Phone Support Hours. Our phone support hours are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm EST.

Malware Monitoring and Clean-up

Cybervise monitors your website for hacking or malware. Our plan also includes malware clean-up after an attack.

Analytics Analysis and Reporting

Cybervise will send you a monthly report with numbers to watch and will happily review analytics with you.

Roll Over Hours

What if you don’t use all your Developer Hours in a month? Unused hours roll-over to the next month and are available for future projects

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Plans

Q: Will I need to sign a contract?
A: Yes. We do an initial contract of 3 months which renews month-to-month after that. You can cancel anytime with 30-day notice.

Q: My current developer is also my host. Can you help me move my site?
A: Yes. Cybervise does not host sites, but we can help you move to a new host that matches your needs. We will include help with the move as part of your initial contract.

Q: I don’t have a WordPress site, can Cybervise still maintain it?
A: Yes. Our developers work with a variety of platforms. As long as your site setup allows a 3rd-party developer to access your files, we can help.

Q: Do I need to move our website to Cybervise’s system?
A: No. As long as we can access your website files we are happy to work with your site where it is at.

Q: How often can I contact Cybervise?
A: No limits on how or how often you can contact us. Phone, email, web form. Whichever you prefer. Work on the site will be limited to time available in your plan, but feel free to contact us. We love your calls!

Q: What can I use Developer Hours for?
A: Anything your website needs. Small updates to using accurately rollover hours for a large project. We have capability to help with programming, graphics, strategy, SEO and digital marketing support (emails and social media posts).

Q: Do my Roll Over Hours Expire?
A: No. As long as you have a current plan and billing is current the hours are available.

Q: What if I run out of Developer Hours and I still need help?
A: We have options. We can do by-the-hour work, you can increase your plan hours for a month to cover the extra time or we can do a fixed-bid estimate as a side project.

Q: Does Cybervise build websites?
A: Yes. See a sample of some of our latest projects. Rollover hours can be used to cover part or all of a new build too.

Q: Can you help with Search Marketing or Online Adverting as part of our plan?
A: We prefer to send you to an expert. We are happy to give you referrals, just ask.

Website Maintenance Advice from Cybervise

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