What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of improving your website and online profile in order to gain more inbound website traffic from increased visibility in organic search results. Google is the premiere search engine in the world and approximately 80% of searches take place on their website. The practice of SEO was developed to improve business website’s standing in Google search results.

Why SEO?

The main purpose of a SEO Practice is to drive more visitors from Google Search Results to your company website. A well optimized website can also have other benefits:

  • Makes the user experience better.– Google has recently begun to emphasize user experience as part of their rankings factors. This includes items like: improving page speed, improving device compatibility and improving content engagement scores. While you are working to improve your site in these areas, you are not only improving for Google, but improving for your visitors as well. If users find your site helpful and easy to use, they will use it more often. That translates into more business.
  • Helps build a stronger brand. – A good SEO practice helps to build authority, trust and visibility for your domain, your website and your business name. Focusing on what searches you are targeting helps to define what you wish to be known for. All of this will result in increased search visibility and a more recognized brand.
  • Contributes to the bottom line over a long period of time. – Finding searches that have consistent traffic over time will help to bring more visitors to your site. As you continue to improve SEO and build more content and keyword information into your website, you will increase the number of visitors to your site. Increased visitors translates to increased business from your website over time.

Cybervise Best Practices

Cybervise Limited is a website maintenance consulting firm that works with existing business websites. A big part of website maintenance and sustaining a high-performing website is a strong SEO Practice. One major advantage of working with Cybervise on your SEO program is our ability to provide strategic direction and implement website changes needed to execute the strategy.

Carmen Krupar, President of Cybervise leads our SEO Practice and our team of webmasters, located in our Cincinnati, Ohio office, can perform any level of Technical SEO needed to improve your website. We do not out-source our projects. Our specialty is to work with businesses who already have a website that need help with changes ranging from big to small. Cybervise can fix what is broken or re-do the entire website, we customize solutions to meet your needs.

We concentrate on what is good for the business, in addition to what works for Search Engines. – Our goal is to provide research, coaching and website improvement that will benefit your business overall. We minimize focus on trends and tricks that only provide temporary boosts.

  • Operate on a long-term strategy. – Our goal is to build momentum over time and earn traffic that you don’t have to worry about loosing later. Our practice strives to be update-proof, so you don’t have to worry about every Google algorithm update potentially wiping away traffic.
  • No Black-Hat techniques. – Any recommendations or changes to your website will follow Google’s Quality Search Guidelines and will not result in penalties applied by Google.
  • No Busy Work. – Cybervise continuously works to improve our SEO knowledge so all tasks we would recommend or spend resources on will provide a benefit to your SEO practice and in most cases, provide business intelligence that can be used in other areas of your marketing and sales.
  • Do not ignore the Tech. – All SEO strategies should contain regular monitoring and updating of the code base and technical improvements of your website. Cybervise has all the technical skills needed to work on all areas of your website.
  • Paid Advertising is optional. – Our plan will not include a specific strategy for paid advertising. However, if this is a tactic you wish to pursue there are many benefits provided by paid adverting. Recent changes to Google Adwords Platform can also provide an added level of marketing data that is not available in other tools, providing an added bonus to your ad spend. We have excellent consulting partners who are experts in all the major platforms.

Setting Expectations

Cybervise does not claim nor will not guarantee any results in relationship to Google’s software, metrics, traffic or rankings. In accordance with Google’s Search Marketing Guidelines, No one can guarantee a #1 ranking and Cybervise complies with these guidelines.

Pricing and Packages

Our SEO Practice is priced using one of our Maintenance Plans.  The size of your site and the level of hands on work required will determine the plan size we recommend.  We do not do SEO work on a per-request basis.

More Information?

Please sign-up for our Free Initial Website Consultation.  Mention that you are interested in SEO help and we can pull data reports prior to our call.