Pay-Per-Request. Get Just the Help You Need. No Re-occurring Contract.

Pay-Per-Request Service 

Cybervise is always available to provide support for your website. Even on an hourly or per-request basis. Any calls to Cybervise staff for support, training or tickets submitted to our support queue will be charged according to our Pay-Per Request Service.

Why Use Pay-Per-Request?

  • Just need help with this one thing.
  • Would like to try out Webmaster Services.
  • Ramping up to starting a plan.

How does our Webmaster Services work by request?  

  • Cybervise only works on the website when requested by the customer. 
  • Customer is only billed when Cybervise works on the site. 
  • Cybervise can provide an estimate for your request before work begins. 
  • All requests are handled within 2 business days. If the request cannot be completed in this time frame, you will be contacted by a Cybervise webmaster 
  • All requests are billed in 15 min increments. Each request will be billed at a minimum of 15 minutes. 

What is Needed to Get Started 

To get to work on your website today, you will need to send us:  

  1. If your site includes a Content Management System (ex. WordPress) or E-commerce system – we will need the location to access the admin site and an administrative level login. You are free to create a new login for us or we can create one when we login the first time.
  2. The FTP login to your website hosting account.  The Control Panel login would be great,  give us that login if it’s easier for you.

Billing for Webmaster Services  

  • Hourly Rate for Pay-Per-Request Service is $88/hour.
  • Pay-Per-Request Services are billed on the last Thursday of each month.
  • You will always receive an invoice outlining your Per-Request charges for the month.
  • We ask all new Cybervise clients to leave a credit card on file. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. We will not charge the card until work is complete.
  • We will ask before charging the invoice to the card on file. You are free to leave instructions to charge the card automatically if you would prefer. 
Have a list of website updates that have waited too long? Request a Free Consultation to get an estimate.

The Cybervise Guarantee

  • We have a backup of your site on hand locally at all times while working on your site. 
  • Everything we do is reversible and we create extra backups to make sure that it is. 
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our service. We always fix any errors we are responsible for and do not charge extra for time spent on fixing things we broke.