Cybervise Limited is a website maintenance consulting firm that works with existing business websites. We have a group of professional webmasters, located in our Cincinnati, Ohio office. We do not out-source our projects. Our specialty is to work with businesses who already have a website that need help with changes ranging from big to small. Cybervise can fix what is broken or re-do the entire website, we customize solutions to meet your needs.

Here’s our story, the basis of our business philosophy.

We used to work for the traditional IT/Web Design firms. As part of the web team, we helped to sell, design, implement and launch websites for our customers. Our job was to sell businesses new websites, whether they needed them or not, get them launched as fast as possible and move on to the next project.

But we noticed that once our customers had their new websites, they were not done. That was just the beginning of questions like, “what if I need something changed”, “how often should I be changing the website”, and “how do I get on Google”. Those traditional firms we worked for did not have a solution to handle their questions. We tried to help them the best we could, but our jobs were to move to the next project.

Your Website is the Center of your business.

Your website is the center of our business too.

Our support services and consulting practice focus 100% on your business website. If you want your website to do better, Cybervise is the firm you need to call.

Are trying to find someone to define your brand? Create print materials? Or create a social media strategy. That’s not us. Cybervise is not a full-service marketing firm and we are not trying to be.

We are computer scientists and web developers trying to solve website issues. Big and small, with scientific logic and business strategy. Our goal is to make sure your website becomes a successful member of your team.

Cybervise Values

Many clients choose Cybervise after a rocky relationship with their past web developer. We can’t fix the entire industry, but we can give you website support. We define our consulting practice and services by the following values:

  • Urgency – Our goal is to match your urgency. Website changes may not seem like a big deal, but they are a big deal to your company.
  • Do No Harm – We want every update to your website to improve its performance. Any change Cybervise makes to your website is reversible. We maintain backups of our work to make sure this can happen. A large component of our consulting practice is search optimization. Cybervise will make all updates according to SEO best practices.
  • Communication – We like phone calls! We want to hear from you. Our plans include a monthly check-in meeting and we hope you use it. The more we know about your business and your marketing plans, the more we can help.
  • Details – Small stuff is important. Details are the difference between a professional and an amateur. Go ahead, be picky. We will do the same.
  • Keep the Client Independent. -We feel strongly that the business who pays for the website, owns the website. We take extra steps so that all website assets remain in your control. Sometimes this requires a little extra communication from the client. But we want you to feel in control of your online presence.
  • Life-Long Learning. – We started Cybervise in 2007. The website we worked on then are not the same sites we work on now. We put resources towards on-going education for our staff and our customers. Our monthly webinars and weekly articles are just a start. We believe Cybervise can be a better website partner if you are smarter about websites too.

Why Website Maintenance?

Cybervise® was created because we know that the work on your website just begins once the website is launched and we think that work should be a priority. Business owners should not be spending hours trying to make simple changes to their website because their web designer won’t return their calls or it takes the designer days/weeks to turnaround simple changes. Cybervise was created as a website maintenance firm to prioritize questions, phone calls and small updates to existing business websites that can be mission critical. Business owners need to work on their business, not on their website. We want your website to become a revenue generator instead of another business expense.

The Cybervise Guarantee

  • All requests are handled within 2 business days. If the request cannot be completed in this time frame, we will tell you upfront.
  • We have a backup of your site on hand locally at all times.
  • Everything we do is reversible and we create extra backups to make sure that it is.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our service. We always fix any errors we are responsible for and do not charge extra for time spent on fixing things we broke.

Call us with your questions. We would love to spend time with your website.

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  • June 2012 – Client of the Month – SCORE (Cincinnati Chapter)
  • BBB – A Rating – Member Since 2009
  • 2010 Winner Top 10 Business Under 10 – Cincinnati Chamber
  • 2010 Small Business of the Year – SCORE (Cincinnati Chapter)