Stop Wasting your Website Budget!

Website budgets disappear because of surprise issues and knee-jerk reactions to problems. Create a plan to improve your business website each year. A plan will focus your budget on what is important for your business goals. Instead of reacting to a problem website, you are creating a best-in-class website.

How to Begin?

A website plan should include a few basic items:

  • On-going maintenance for security
  • Keep site code up-to-date to prevent user issues
  • Content updates and additions
  • Search Optimization
  • Other marketing to help drive traffic
  • Improvements to help with business goals

Cybervise has created a FREE Website Strategic Planning tool to help. Sign-up here to download our worksheets and give your website plan a head start. We have a quick 5-Step process to step you through how to complete a website plan.

Benefits of Creating a Website Strategic Plan

  • Instead of fixing problems, carve out time for website improvements.
  • Planning on-going maintenance will prevent surprises and save money in the long run. Instead of reacting to website issues, you will leading in your industry.
  • Planning content in advance makes it a lot easier to create new content. When you schedule gets crazy, it hard to come up with new ideas. It is so much easier to have a content routine and work from a checklist.
  • Website goals should reflect business goals. Schedule website projects needed to help with new business in the new year.
  • Coordinate website content with other areas of the company. Tap into the in-hours expertise to help with website updates. Find out how the website can support all department initiatives.
  • Set expectations – give everyone a realistic view on goals for 2018.

Don’t Wait! Make a 2018 Website Plan Before 2019.

Think of our Strategic Plan Worksheets as the extra help you have been looking for to get started.

Look for a series of follow-up emails to help guide you through the completion of your plan.

Contact Cybervise at 513-510-4962 with any additional questions.

Would you like help with your 2018 website strategy?

Cybervise can work with you to complete a Website Strategic Plan. We would be happy to give you a quote or help pick one of our Maintenance Plans. Call (513-510-4962), press “2” at the menu or sign-up for a Free Consultation for pricing.