Worksheets to Create Your 2021 Website Strategic Plan

2020 had been a stress test for business websites. Many businesses were caught off-guard by the quick shift to more online activities. Their website had to pick-up the slack as world-wide events changed business priorities. Get 2021 started right with our 5-part website plan worksheets. We have even included a bonus section for 2021 to help your business move towards remote operations.

At Cybervise, we have seen countless examples of website upgrades and improvements translating into business growth. In 2021 we need our web pages to provide maximum value to our company.  At the same time, creating a brand that people trust.  How do we do that? We need a plan. 

Create a Website Plan in 5 Easy Steps.

The Cybervise Guide will create a Website Strategic Plan in just five steps. We focus attention on five key areas for a professional website in 2021. Each section includes exercises and instructions to complete your plan.

Part 1: Website Goals
Part 2: Search Engine Optimization
Part 3: Content Strategy
Part 4: Improve Conversions
Part 5: Polish Your Design

Bonus Section 6 for 2021: Preparing for Quick Changes – Shifting Business to Remote Operations. 

Stop Wasting your Website Budget!

Website budgets disappear because of surprise issues and knee-jerk reactions to problems. Create a plan to improve your business website each year. A plan will focus your budget on what is important for your business goals. Instead of reacting to a problem website, you are creating a best-in-class website.

How to Begin?

A website plan should include a few basic items:

  • On-going maintenance for security
  • Keep site code up-to-date to prevent user issues
  • Content updates and additions
  • Search Optimization
  • Other marketing to help drive traffic
  • Improvements to help with business goals

Cybervise has created a FREE Website Strategic Planning tool to help. Sign-up here to download our worksheets and give your website plan a head start. We have a quick 5-Step process to step you through how to complete a website plan.

Benefits of Creating a Website Strategic Plan

  • Instead of fixing problems, carve out time for website improvements.
  • Planning on-going maintenance will prevent surprises and save money in the long run. Instead of reacting to website issues, you will leading in your industry.
  • Planning content in advance makes it a lot easier to create new content. When you schedule gets crazy, it hard to come up with new ideas. It is so much easier to have a content routine and work from a checklist.
  • Website goals should reflect business goals. Schedule website projects needed to help with new business in the new year.
  • Coordinate website content with other areas of the company. Tap into the in-hours expertise to help with website updates. Find out how the website can support all department initiatives.
  • Set expectations – give everyone a realistic view on goals for 2018.

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