Start by getting in touch with Cybervise. You can call our New Customer at 513-510-4962 ex 102. Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST. Or request a Free Consultation and we will arrange for an initial call or web meeting.

Gather your Website Information for Cybervise

We will need access to your website accounts. As soon you can provide access, we can begin your maintenance. Here is what we need:

  1. Administrative level login to your website. You can either send us your login or add us to your website with a new login. If you send us the login, we will immediately go into your site, setup a login for Cybervise. We will login as us going forward.
  2. Website Hosting Account or Control Panel login. We could start without this, but it is important we get this access. Especially if your site has not had maintenance in awhile, we may need to fix things in the templates. And that requires server access.
  3. Nice to have to but not required. Access to your Google Analytics and Tag Manager account. In case you need support with GA4 configuration. You can either send us a login or add us as a user will full permissions.
  4. Nice to have to but not required. Login to your domain registry. This is mainly for support with security. We are having to do a lot of domain entries to help with account verification. Also, helping with sending emails from the website successfully.

Need a New Web Hosting too?

Cybervise does not host websites. But if moving to a new web master also means moving the website to a new host, we can help with that. We will help you select a new vendor and set a new account for you. You will own your hosting account and all billing will come directly to you.

If the situation is more complicated, for example, the site is down. Or you can no longer contact the current hosting vendor. We will recommend our Website Rescue service before we start maintenance.

What about the Paperwork to Start Website Maintenance?

Just a few housekeeping items to get started.

  • We have a short Service Agreement for you to sign. Receiving the signed agreement is our signal to start maintenance.
  • You will immediately receive an invoice for the first month of maintenance.

I need to start website maintenance. How soon can we start?

In most cases we can start right away. We do have a limit of the number of new maintenance plans we start at once. Check with us to see if a start at the beginning of the month is still possible. If you have contracts ending or a critical situation we will work hard to get you started right away.