Marketing Team Turnover – Potential Costs to your Business Website.

Potential Costs to your Business Website.

Negative effects of employee turnover is well documented. It should be no surprise that turnover in the marketing team effects your website. In fact, it can have major impact on the performance of the business website.

How do we make sure our business website does not fall through the cracks? Can the website be the constant online presence even when staff is changing?

Our discussion this month will tackle the biggest business issue of 2018. Employee turnover in your marketing team or a.k.a how to find good help. Change in marketing personnel always involves the website. Often Cybervise is involved when website ownership within a company shifts. We will talk about some of the issues we have seen when this happens and potential costs.

Our 30 minute discussion will highlight 3 major areas to watch out for: Security and Ownership, Training Investment and Maintaining Your Brand.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Securing Your Online Business Identity– Who has the logins and who paid for what licenses?
  • Training Investment– How to use website training dollars wisely instead of preparing staff for their next job.
  • Maintaining Your Brand– Every new team member does not need to put their stamp on the company website.

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Original Broadcast: November 16, 2018


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