Planning a Better Website

Architecture of a Website Strategy

A good website starts with a good plan. It’s that time of year again to work on strategic planning for your company website. January’s webinar will help get that plan started if you still need one. Our goal is to focus on three different goals for your website. They include user experience, lead or revenue generation and search optimization. And what to do when you need to address all three?

Our discussion will also give you some inspiration of new ways to put your plan together. We will show you a visual approach to organize your plan. Which may help you communicate with your team a little easier. And make it easier throughout the year to eyeball whether the plan is on track.

What We Will Cover

  • 3 Key Areas that need to be in your Website Strategy in 2022
  • How to communicate your strategy using visuals for better understanding
  • Suggestions for a schedule to complete your plan

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Introduction to Website Planning

Recently I read an article called, “Nine Ways to Grow Your Business.” What is the number one way to grow your business?Work on your website content. It makes sense that a website strategy in 2022, start to finish, will be working on website content.

Cybervise turned 15 in 2022. One thing that has been true always is that website owners struggle to get content on their website. To me is a baffling problem. I get it, finding time to create is tough. But at the same time, nothing would benefit your business more than good website content.

The purpose of our webinar is to give you a shortcut to a plan. To get some better content on your website and create an easier way to communicate your plan.

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