How Good Design Impacts Website Performance.

Are you unhappy with the performance of your website? The first place to look for problems is often technical issues. But what if you did that already?

It could be design mistakes creating performance issues. Visitors expect certain design norms. Get too creative and you loose them. You have too many distractions on your page and users are missing the conversion step. Color and font choices are making text too hard to read and visitors aren’t taking the time to figure it out.

We often add things to our webpages because they are cool and we like them. But isn’t the point to generate sales and leads from our web content? It doesn’t matter if what we like. Do the visitors to our site like it? This month we will explore design issues driving away your web traffic.

Here is what we will cover:

  • Website Design Norms that Users Expect
  • Too Many Distractions from Core Actions
  • Hard to Read Pages Loose Visitors

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