Website Maintenance – Do I Need it?

Thinking of Cutting Back on Website Maintenance? You Are Wrong!

The pressure for business websites is high. New sales depend on a good website. Users won’t wait more than 2 seconds to view your pages. 57% of visitors won’t recommend your business if your website has problems on mobile. The number of websites infected with malicious code rose by 90% in 2018.

Yet, according to a 2018 study 52% of businesses rely only on internal staff to take care of their website. Why? When there are so many good reasons to get professional website help. The main reason given was to use resources for yet another new website build. Because the last one didn’t work out.

What if there was a better use for your resources? What if an investment in maintenance could reduce your website budget over time? Our April webinar will prove this to be true in our 30 min. discussion.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • What is Website Maintenance? Do You Need it?
  • How Website Maintenance Pays for Itself
  • Why You Need a Website Professional on Your Team

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Original Broadcast: April 26, 2019

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A common comparison is often made between a website and a car. It turns out the design process for a car and a website are very similar. When you buy a car, it needs routine maintenance. A website also needs maintenance. Like a car, if your website is not cared for over time, at some point it will break down.

Can you imagine driving your car around town with a flat tire for a long period of time? Or not putting gas in the car since the day you bought the car? Believe it or not, this is a lot of how people treat their company websites.

What if you launched your website and you never updated it? Or once you bought your car, you’ve never had the oil changed? Both would still run and may run just fine for a long time.

But at some point, if you never change the oil, or you never update your website, the car and the website is going to fail. And at that point, it would be a big failure. Your only solution may be a new car or a new website.

In 2018 the average business spent $15,000-$50,000 dollars replacing a website. Instead of thinking of your website as disposable and every few years we’re going to replace it. What if we kept up on our maintenance? Instead created this high performance machine improves over time. What if we never had to replace our website again?

Our webinar discusses good website maintenance and how it will drastically reduce the cost of your website.

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