Google Ads – Fast Track to High Performance

Roadmap to Success with Google Advertising

Struggling with advertising on Google?

Google Ads is an extremely effective option for businesses trying to reach potential customers. As the program has gained in popularity, traffic has become more competitive. There are many new ad options and features. The constant platform changes have confused many business owners. Join us for this 30-minute discussion to learn how to develop a Google Ads program. Generate ads that produce profitable results without breaking the bank.

Guest Presenter

Cybervise is excited to welcome the “Czar”, Rob Bunting from CIG to talk about paid search. Rob is a Premier Google Certified Partner, with 19 years of online marketing experience.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • Setting goals for Google Ad Campaigns
  • Avoiding the most common mistakes
  • Techniques for eliminating budget waste

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Original Broadcast: August 23rd, 2019


When you’re trying to develop a new Google Ads program , you have got to define success. What does it look like? Try using the underlying business goals of your business. The same metrics that make sense to help increase your bottom line. What action do you want people to take when they see your ad?

Do you want them to come to your website and fill out a form? Do you want them to place a phone call? Do you want them to sign up for an awesome webinar that you’re going to do on a Friday? Download a PDF in the industry? We call that conversion in Google Ads.

Next question you want to ask yourself is how much revenue or profit is that action worth? Wanting more traffic to your website, is a goal but does it equal revenue?

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