Creating Your Content Hubs

The Next Generation of Landing Pages

Content Hubs are a proven SEO strategy that benefits websites with a good content base. Or plans to create a healthy sized website. This is not a trend. This is a proven tactic with results. We are not talking about creating lead pages or landing pages to convert add traffic. This is a strategy to make user-friendly pages that attract a lot of organic search traffic.

This month we will go over in detail the strategy behind content hubs. How to design the page. How to organize the content. How to do your keyword research.

What We Will Cover

  • Definition and Design of a Content Hub
  • Content Strategy to help build Hubs
  • Promoting your Hubs – don’t let them sit un-noticed

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Content hubs are landing pages, focused around a keywords. With the purpose of educating users about that phrase. Vistors can use these pages as a reference. To find out everything they need to know about the topic and refer back to it. Sometimes we use the word “guide” in the title to emphasize that the page is to educate, not sell.

It became clear early on that hub pages give content a new life. This can really help websites was a large amount of content. For example, blogs may have performed well when first posted. But as the content aged a little bit, search traffic started to fall back. Then what happens is good content becomes invisible to Google search spiders. The content hub pages were a way to bring old content back to the forefront.

We have implemented content hubs with a few of our customers. And I have definitely seen, for my own eyes, the successful results of this tactic. So that’s why I wanted to get people talking about them. Our webinar will walk through the process of creating content hubs.

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