Intro to GA 4 – New Analytics are Coming!

In case you haven’t heard, Google Analytics as we know it will be gone July 1, 2023. Google has begun the rollout of a replacement product called GA 4. Be aware this is a replacement, not an upgrade. They are very different programs and you will have a learning curve to prepare to use the new tool. That’s why we are starting early.

The goal of our webinar this month is to get you moving on making the transition. We will give you an introduction of what is to come and steps to prepare the switch way ahead of the deadline.

Welcome our guest presenter, Rob Bunting of Cincinnati I-Marketing and

What We Will Cover

  • What Analytics Stay – What Numbers Are Gone
  • How to implement the new program
  • Impact and Connections to Google Ads

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So Google Analytics, what is happening? Universal Analytics, which is the third generation of Google Analytics, will stop processing site hits on July first of 2023. Shortly after that, all the historical data is going to be deleted forever.

Again, the old stuff is going away. Using GA4 Analytics is not optional. Universal Analytics is going away for good. So, you can’t just sit there and say, Yeah, I don’t want to do GA4, I’m just gonna stick with what I have.

The deadlines are coming faster than you think. If you want to have your over your data. You want to start using GA4, so that is what’s happening.


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