Monetize Website Content – Lose the Brochure, Maximize Value

Can you put a dollar value on your website content?

Higher Website Traffic equals Higher Revenue. This fact has been verified many times. What draws more traffic? Better website content. What if you could assign a dollar value to each of your webpages? What if your website became a revenue source and not an expense item?

Good Content has many benefits. Starting with improving the number of leads/sales from your website. Good Content can improve the reputation of your business and help improve marketing spending.

Yet, when we talk to website owners about working on content its like asking them to go to the dentist. Why would you avoid something that can make you money?

What you need is a plan. Our 30 min discussion will give you a start to get over the hump.

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So let’s start by losing the brochure.

I can’t tell you how many website owners come to us and say “I just need a brochure.” How many brochures do you have sitting on your desk that don’t belong to your company? How many brochure’s have you read this week from other companies?

On the flip side, how many company websites have you visited this week? How much information have you collected from company websites?

If all you’re doing is looking for a brochure, you have very low expectations. I challenge you to do some Google searches and find a brochure website doing well in the search rankings.

Good website content can generate its own traffic. That means it also generates its own sales leads and helps your sales team. Good content will get you good search rankings. High search rankings boost the reputation of your company.

If a website that can do all that, that’s a website that has long lasting value. That is a website with a role in your business. So how do we make that happen? What we need is a good content strategy.

The goal of our webinar is to get you started towards having a strategy and working on your content.

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