Better Website Content through Storytelling

Quality of Website Content. It effects everything about your website performance. You are already working very hard to drive traffic to your website. But maybe you feel like you are losing as many visitors as you gain. Why is this? How can you fix this?

Your company already has the key to turning this around. Your story. I am not talking about the details of your founders and how you got started. I am talking about how you do what you do and how that is different from everyone else. Your story is the one thing that differentiates your website from everyone else on the web.

Our webinar will discuss how your story will bring the value back to your website and keep that traffic.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to Tell Your Story
  • How to add Value to your Content
  • Why you need more stories for SEO

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Original Broadcast: February 21st, 2020

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I have noticed the word storytelling popping up a lot in articles about website content. Storytelling not a new concept. Google has started using the term regularly to descibe content they are looking for.

The problem I’m trying to solve today is to move past some paralysis in writing your website content. The technique that’s going to help you do that is storytelling.

As I said, this is not new. Storytelling was how information is passed since human beings began. We relate to stories. So but why are we talking about this now in terms of website content?

Before people even make that initial sales call, they’ve already seen your website. They’ve already done their website research. They’ve learned all they can. Now they’re coming to you as further down into the sales cycle. At the same time, they’re bombarded with information, they’re getting email blasts. They see millions of pages coming up in a search result. They’ve got social media posts. They’ve got text messages and notifications, alerts, all these things coming at them. And your stuff is having to compete a lot harder to break through.

The problem is a lot of our service descriptions and our product descriptions are too generic. How we can be different from all the content our visitors have already seen? We need to tell our story.

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