Checking Your Core Vitals – Update on the New Ranking Factors

Update on Google’s New Ranking Factors Rolling Out This Month

By the end of August, the rollout of the Core Vitals will be complete. In case you missed some of our previous updates, Core Vitals are the new ranking factors by Google. Google has targeted the end of August to apply these new ranking factors to all websites. The basis of the new numbers is a better user experience for searchers. But what is the impact on our organic search?

Our webinar this month will focus in on the three new Core Vital scores. We need to think about monitoring, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance. We will talk about how well your site is doing and what changes are needed to improve your rankings.

What We Will Cover

  • How do we track and assess Core Vital Scores?
  • What changes will we need to make in how we update our websites?
  • What is changing, what are the deadlines and why?
  • How critical are these new ranking factors? What is the impact to our search traffic?

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What are the core vitals? The basis of the core vitals, comes from user experience. Google’s number one concern is that when you search for something you can trust search results . The minute you stop trusting those search results, the minute their business is done. An important factor in maintaining that trust is a good user experience. Usability has always been a very hot topic for Cybervise. The fact that Google is embracing user-centered design and usability is a great thing.

Core Vitals include three new ranking factors. Google is calling them a suite of user signals or user experience signals. Some you may be familiar with. Let’s talk about these three scores. Let’s talk about what they are and what we need to do to improve our websites.

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