Are SEO Trends Beneficial? – Living on the Edge

Could your website traffic benefit from the cutting edge of SEO techniques?

SEO strategy is still changing fast. Growing organic search traffic is still the best way to get new visitors. It is now time to review your commitment to SEO as a marketing tactic. Ready to move your SEO strategy to the next level? There are new trends and techniques that emerge all the time that could be the boost you are looking for.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Did your site lose ground or benefit by recent updates?
  • New techniques to help amplify good content.
  • Stuff you can stop worrying about.

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Original Broadcast: July 26th, 2019

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Why am I calling this Living on the Edge? And so for some of you, the idea of being on the edge might be very stressful. But for others, this could be kind of exciting and interesting. That is what is happening with search optimization a little bit right now. I’m not one that advocates chasing trends or even chasing rankings.

But there are some new things happening right now with the updates that Google has been posting. If your site is ready and you’ve been doing all the best practices, that you may be ready to take that next step. The purpose of our discussion is to figure out whether your website could benefit from the latest search engine optimization trends

We’re going to talk about that today is the stuff that’s kind of edgy. Kind of new and and it might be a little bit techie. But it could be the thing to give you that boost in your organic search traffic that you’ve been looking for.

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