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94% of buyers in the Industrial Buying Cycle research information online before making a purchasing decision. (2018 State of B2B Procurement Study)

Manufacturers need a strong website. Cybervise has worked with websites at all points in the buying cycle. We noticed that websites for manufacturing have unique requirements. Some of the marketing advice you are reading does not follow what we see happening with manufacturing websites.

Our discussion will highlight website strategies that need to be “tweaked” for manufacturers. We will touch on keyword strategy, content strategy and lead generation. Let’s push the conventional wisdom on website best practices and talk specifics about manufacturing.

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Here’s what we will cover:

  • Keyword Strategy – Tweaks to your SEO practice.
  • Content Strategy – What to post?  Data Sheets? Pricing?
  • Lead Generations – What techniques are working to get leads from the website?

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Original Broadcast: October 25th, 2019


First impressions are key in business. We are well aware that your home page is going to be the first impression a brand new buyer is going to get of your company. During our review of manufacturing websites I found a lot of what to me feels like a disconnect.

In a study by Thomasnet, the number one question that buyers were looking at when they went to a manufacturers’ website was, can this manufacturer do what we need them to do? You want the answer to be “yes” after they visit your website.

Your company is working really hard to put out the most cutting edge product. You are trying to be at the top of your industry. But you have a website that looks like it’s circa 1999. My question is, is that if you have a website that looks 10 years old, 20 years old, does that mean does that send the message?

Do buyers take one look at your website and think, “Yeah, this is a match for what we needed 10 years ago, but now not so much.” You are coming off out-of-date. And that is due to the lack of a refresh.

As you’re thinking about strategy for website, I’m not advocating totally scrap what you have and rebuild. The home page is your big first impression. What about putting that on your to do list for next year? Try something different. Change just the homepage and improve the performance of your website right now.

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