2021 SEO Strategy – Kicking Up Quality

Laser-Focused SEO Routine for 2021

Search Engine Optimization is always a good long term strategy. As long as you are following best practices, all the work you do on your site only improves it.

In 2021 we want to take our SEO efforts to the next level. We are going to kick up the quality of our website by focusing on perfecting the basics. Create a strategy to address the weaknesses and get into a routine of working on improvement.

To help us put together our SEO Strategy this year, we are going back to a classic. Our webinar this month will review the Google Search Quality Guidelines. Using the Guidelines we can see what optimization techniques are being emphasized. Also, we will review updates to the Guidelines that give us a peak at new work to come.

What We Will Cover

  • Overview of the Search Quality Guidelines.
  • New guidelines and ranking factors that will rollout in 2021.
  • Setting a Routine to work on your website to focus on continuous improvement.

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I need to stitch this on a pillow. I want to remind everyone that SEO is a process and not a project. We get approached by lots of folks who “want to SEO their site”. Hear is the hard lesson. If somebody isn’t working on an ongoing basis to do SEO work on your website, then SEO is not happening.

It’s a process, not a project.

My major inspiration this year for our SEO strategy that I’m kicking off right now is this idea of a process. Google had published this great article talking about their SEO process. How Google works to SEO their pages, which they actually do.

I am inspired by their process. How it is based on very small changes that they’re always making. They keep track of what they changed. When they changed it so that they can also keep track of did the change have an impact?

Today we will talk about the idea of kicking things up a notch a little bit at a time. Take a few things small things on your website. Kick it up and make it a little bit better, we can help to improve our SEO. And if we continue to do that, then we should continue to get good results.

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