The Power of One Blog Post

Did you know websites with a blog get more links?  They get more traffic and more shares on social media too. Websites and businesses benefit from blogging.  But blogging strategy is changing.  If you weren’t sure that blogging could help, new strategies are shifting in your favor.  Find out how to maximize time spent writing and promoting website content.  Thinking about blogging or re-starting that company blog?  Don’t do it with out a plan in place.  Join our 30 min discussion.  We will revisit blogging strategy and learn a new approach to driving website traffic using blog content.

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Original Broadcast: September 27th, 2019

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There are plenty of studies to support why blogging is good for your business website. One study says that business websites with blogs see 8x’s the growth in website traffic year to year. Another study tells us that blogging can actually help save marketing budget. Folks who blog have a marketing budget is 60% less than a similar type website without a blog.

Blogs have always been good for SEO. Google loves blogs.
I think we can all agree that blogging is a good thing for a company website.

The problem we have to solve today is how to get that done.
That’s the part where a lot of businesses struggle. I believe the reason you are struggling with blogging is because of outdated ideas about what a blog is.

So why blog? It is tactic to get content up on your website fast. You don’t need a web developer. It will help build content that will support your sales and marketing strategies. Let’s review blogging strategies and figure out how to make it happen.

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