Focus on Visibility: 2023 SEO Strategy

There are two camps of people who will struggle with SEO in 2023.

The first camp is the website owners still hanging on to their existing website. Trying to squeeze out more search traffic from the same pages they started with last year. Or maybe even the same pages since the website launched.

The second camp has plenty of content. So much so that Google has started rejecting new stuff because they already have enough. More new stuff may be a waste of time.

Believe it or not, both camps are going to have the same problem this year. Search Visibility. Our webinar is going to explain what that is and give you a strategy to get working on it.

Search Visibility is all about getting visitors to see your site in search. It is also about getting Google to see your site for the right keywords. The key metric is increasing the Click-Through-Rate from Google to your site.

In 2023 we are going to shift our strategy from quantity to quality. Instead of pushing more content to Google we are going to make sure we are ranking for the right things. Improve the performance of our pages we already have. Pages we expect to draw search traffic.

What We Will Cover

  • What strategy works for a small site versus a large site
  • Five step process to improve existing pages
  • Important metrics to monitor

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