Getting Ready for a Re-Design. A Case Study of a Successful Project.

When it comes to design projects you may have heard the old saying about the three legged stool. Everyone wants their project done in the shortest amount of time. With the lowest amount of costs, and the highest amount of quality. In reality what really happens is you might get two out of the three.

This past year we have had the pleasure to design several websites for a single client. Not only was the end product good, but we were able to complete them quickly. And because the project was shorter keep the cost down.

Turns out there isn’t anything magical that the web developer can do to make this happen. The reason we got the results we did was because of the customer. Not just their attitude towards the project. The client’s preparation before the project even started is what made the difference in the new website design.

Our webinar this month will walk you through this process. We will describe how our customer contributed to a successful website launch.

What We Will Cover

  • What the Client prepares before the project begins
  • How Cybervise used that information to speed the design process
  • How to get the site launched on time

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