4 Quick Projects to Increase Website Leads

How to get more revenue from your website

The number one improvement owners want for their business website is more traffic. If you really want to improve the performance of your website you need more leads. What you need is more business from your existing traffic. The process we use to work on this is Conversion Optimization. This month we are going to work on our Conversions. AND we are going to demonstrate how to use the new GA 4 data to help track this progress.

What We Will Cover

  • Four Small Projects that can boost your leads.
  • What numbers to track to measure success.
  • How to track those numbers using GA4 data.

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Our problem to solve today is everybody wants more from their company website. And if your website was a high performing website, you wouldn’t be here. If your traffic numbers are going up, but the number of sales or new business inquires is not? That’s no longer a traffic problem. That’s now a conversion problem.

And maybe you’re in a situation, where we are getting towards the end of the year. Your marketing budget is starting to run low, but you still have some sales numbers to hit. What can you do that is quick, simple and will have an impact on the performance of your website?

Our webinar is going to talk about places where you can make small tweaks to your website. Tweaks that can squeeze out more leads from your existing traffic. We will make this a super productive discussion. We will go over how you can track your progress and diagnose problems using GA4 data.

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