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Leading with your Best Design and Content- a Strategy to retain website visitors.

What is the ideal homepage for your business website?

Is your homepage the most important page on your website? There are opinions on both sides. On most company websites, it is the page most people see. It is the page your sales team, business cards and word-of-mouth mentions send people. Because of this it needs to be good.

When first creating a homepage, there is a lot of focus on how pretty it needs to be. But did you visualize how visitors would use the homepage? Do you expect the homepage to rank in Organic Searches? Should the homepage generate leads? To make this happen, we need a strategic re-look at our homepages.

Our webinar will show better homepages improve the performance of your entire website.

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Original Broadcast: June 21, 2019

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According to a Stanford University study, 75% of judge your business by your website. The majority make this judgement based on your Homepage.

The Homepage has become the front window to a lot of businesses.
And depending on your business, it may be the only window of your business that customers ever see. And so that’s why it is so key for the homepage to perform.

Every time you give someone your website address, you are sending people to your Homepage. Businesses that believe word-of-mouth is your biggest marketing strategy, this is for you. Current customers that are talking about you, send their referrals to your website. When they go to look at you online, they’re going to your Homepage.

If you’re spending money on offline advertising or billboards. Painting your website address on the sides of your truck. Even your business cards are sending people to your Homepage.

That is why the Homepage is the most visited page on your website. If this page is going to get the most traffic, it’s going to be the most important page on your website.

Our webinar is going to talk about improving your Homepage. I believe improving the performance of just your Homepage, can improve the performance of your entire website.

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