5 Website Numbers You Should be Tracking

Start a 2021 Website Performance Dashboard

In 2021, we will need to keep a close eye on our websites. The shift to more business activities completed online is not going away. Make a New Year’s Resolution to check your website statistics.

But our problem is not lack of data. More like too much data and it is overwhelming. What does it all mean? Is your website doing well or are you in trouble?

What we need is one place to look at our website status and to decide what to improve. Pick a number that means something to your business.

Our January webinar will highlight 5 statistics. 5 numbers that focus on the performance of your website. We will setup a dashboard and learn how automate the tracking on a monthly basis.

What We Will Cover

  • 5 Key Metrics to Track Website Performance
  • Where to find your data
  • Automate Data Delivery
  • Setting up a Monthly Dashboard

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