Mapping your Sales Goals to your Website Content

Your Business Website should be your number one sales person. Not happening right now? Website content is often created based on generic-best practices on how websites should work. But that may not work for your business. Your website should match your sales process. Not your company brochure.

Our 30 Min Discussion will touch on 3 Sales Goals: Lead Generation, Closing and Retention.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Lead Generation –Using website content to get in front of new people.
  • Closing Sales –How your website can push that prospect towards signing that contract.
  • Retention –Using the company website to support and maintain your current client base.

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Original Broadcast: December 14, 2018


What is the number one thing that worries you about your website? Most people say, “I would like to get more business off of my website”. I wish that we could get more leads, sales from our website.

But what if the website could be a member of your team? Or an employee that works for your company? Think about what that would mean. The website has to perform to keep their job. It should have success goals and work that they have to get done. Tasks they need to perform. And if you start to think about the website with that, you start to feel like it could do a lot more.

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