Being Thankful for a Good Website

Once again we come to the end of another business year. 2022 was slowly feeling like the normal pace of business. I felt like the year started slow and business slowly ramped up more and more as we moved through the year. We are feeling it now. The 4th quarter will likely be the busiest of the year.

Quality content is still the number one struggle. I started this year with an ambitious content calendar and to be honest, will likely reuse most of it in 2023. Improving content is still the best investment you can make in your website. Google continues to tweak its algorithm to make sure quality pages stand out. I know that time spent on improving content is not busy work and we will see the benefits. Every time we hunker down and focus on our own website we see the payoff.

Who is website thankful?

One of those moments where you really see the benefits is when someone links to one of your blogs. I always get excited when I see a post, especially one written awhile ago, generating a lot of traffic. I look at our stats and realize someone has referenced us in a very popular article and now we benefit. I always try to include 3rd party links in my blogs and articles to pay back the search karma. And it helps people notice what we are writing about.

A good website is doing its job when its out there selling for you. There is nothing like checking your inbox and finding many email notifications from your Contact form. We have met some great new customers through our website. Customers we would have never met using on the ground tactics. As our content gets more search visibility, our ability to reach more customers grows. Shout out to the state of Michigan for all your great small businesses. We look forward to meeting more new people in 2023.

What does it feel like to be “website thankful”?

To be “website thankful” starts with having a company website that helps your team. Not a problem to deal with. A good website sparks ideas. Not just for you. Not just the person who works to improve it, but for the visitors that come to your site. If your website content sparks ideas on how to solve a problem or a project for the future, that is a site that works.

As you start to think about what to do next year, take a moment to reflect on what has worked. Name the website projects that succeeded and felt worth the time and resources. Maybe you just thankful to spend less time troubleshooting? You made the upgrades necessary to reduce the problems and now you are in a good place to move forward.

Signs Your Website is on the Right Track

  • You know you are on the right track with your business website if:
  • You have a reason to look at your own website every day.
  • Updating your website is part of your routine.
  • During a sales meetings, you need to show a page on your website to complete the sale.
  • You now have a revenue stream solely from your website.
  • Your biggest source of leads is your website.
  • The quickest way to communicate to your customers is by posting on the website.
  • Customers quote your website to you.
  • New product launches always include website content as a step in your process. You wouldn’t launch something new without it.
  • High quality content brought you new business opportunities this year.
  • High quality content created more online visibility. This resulted in attention from the press or industry recognition.

What if you can’t imagine “website thankful”?

Now is the time. Start thinking about next year and what your website could become. Use your reflections to list all of the problems you are having with your website. Ask yourself what would you really like from your website? Dream big and make a plan and budget for 2023.

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