All but one of our Maintenance Plans offer Developer Hours as part of the service. Our plans include anywhere from 2 – 32 hours on a monthly basis.

Developer Hours is time available for your team to have expert help. Either advice or hands-on work. Any of our Webmaster Services can be done with Developer Hours.

Note: Our WordPress Maintenance practice is included in your plan. Time will not be deducted from your Developer Hours for these services.

How to Use Developer Hours

  • All requests are deducted from your Developer Hours in 15 min increments.
  • Phone calls to our support line will be deducted from your Developer Hours. If the calls exceed 15 mins within one business day.
  • Unused hours roll over to the next month. Rollover hours are always available. As long as you are currently on a Maintenance Plan and billing is up to date.
  • Developer Hours that exceed for one month, the balance is deducted from the following month’s hours. Negative balances cannot the number of hours paid for in your Annual Plan or the next month’s plan.
  • Have a bigger project? Need more support? You are welcome to upgrade your existing plan. We can do that on a month-to-month basis to add more monthly hours. Additional plan hours also rollover if unused.

Learn More about our Monthly Website Maintenance Plans.