WordPress Website Conversions

Getting the Keys to Your Website

A company website is such a key part of any business.  Many companies are realizing that they need to post information on their websites on a weekly or daily basis to meet the needs of their customers.  As a company grows,  a lot of the marketing and IT roles are often outsourced to contractors.  Usually,  this would also include the website maintenance activities.  However, some companies are finding that the demand for their website content requires quick action and they can’t wait for a contractor to respond to their requests.  So in order to take control of this situation, company decision makers want access to their website content without having to rely on a web developer.  To make this happen, business owners want their website built with a content management system.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System is software used to build a website that allows users without website programming skills to make content updates to their own websites.

We suggest implementing the WordPress website blogging platform as a full site Content Management System. Not only is it a stable system with plenty of support documentation but it can also help reduce the cost of maintenance ongoing:

  • Very easy to use – No programming experience required to make site updates once the site is setup. Plugins can be used to add functionality to the site without a lot of programming resources required.
  • Easily Supported – It is very easy to find support resources for a WordPress platform. The ease of use also helps to reduce costs if outside help with the site is needed.
  • SEO – Blogging software, such as WordPress, is setup to be very search engine friendly where a lot of CMS systems are not. This would get search efforts started off on the right foot.
  • Blog – setup would already be done and a section of the site could be set aside for more typical blogging posts. Existing blog posts could be uploaded to the new database and added here.
  • RSS Feed – the entire site would be setup for distribution to Social Media accounts via RSS feed. Updates or new content posted could be distributed to multiple accounts and would also allow subscribers to get instant updates.

No, Your Website Won’t Look Like A Blog

Unless you want it too.  We would be happy to show you a list of websites we have worked on that are built with WordPress and the possibilities for design are really only limited to the imagination of the developer.  We have also completed several projects where we have taken existing websites and converted them to a WordPress platform.  In most of these cases,  the website owner did not want to change the look of the website,  just the access to the content.  Visitors would not be aware of a change, but they will notice that there is a lot more activity on the site because updates are much easier to accomplish.

Many Options for Content Management

WordPress is just one option for Content Management.  The feedback from our customers where they owned a site built with another Content Management system and then converted to WordPress is that ease of use is night and day.  Tools used by website administrators are easy to get up to speed and provide a lot of flexibility.  In our previous post where we discussed added expense brought on by implementing a content management system,  none the site examples referenced used WordPress.

Do your research,  compare different systems.  When your developer recommends a system to you,  ask for solid business rationales to go with their system of choice.  If the only reason your developer gives for using one content management system over another is because this is the system they know,  ask around some more.  Or give us a call. We work with many of the content management systems on a weekly basis and we can compare them for you.