When can I see my website?

Great news for web developers!  The reports I have been hearing are everyone is really busy right now and some are saying their schedules are booked at least through fall.

But what if you are a business owner thinking about a website project or a new website?

Here are a few ideas to help you get on the schedule and still get a project done on time.

  • Do you want to work with a specific developer or web designer?
    Finding a web professional that you like and have worked well with in the past is a great advantage and not something that’s easy to walk away from.  If you really want to work with someone specifically again, but you are just thinking about a project,  go ahead and get in touch with them now.  If they have a queue of projects like most people right now,  get on their list.  Chances are, by the time they are ready for you, you will be ready to start.
  • Are you getting a new website because of a re-branding project or just need a new look?
    If a new look and feel is the genesis of the need for a new website,  get the new look implemented right away and worry about the details later.  The most time consuming part of re-designing a website will be the content.  Don’t expect your busy developer to sit through your many drafts or grammar corrections.  Have them focus on the look and feel, the stuff you can’t help them with, get that done as soon as possible.  You can always tweak the text later.
  • Do you know what you want? Are you organized?
    If a developer is swamped, they won’t take on a web project where they have to hand-hold the client through the project.  I will often tell clients that come to us with a web project that if they can get everything that I need to build the website to me ahead of time,  if I have a developer with some downtime,  waiting on another client,  we might be able to slip them in our schedule.  However, I won’t event start a project like this unless I have in my possession: the web hosting account information, finalized graphics and all written website content.  Demonstrate that you know exactly what you want and your project will be easy to complete,  you might get on the schedule earlier.

Keep Reasonable Expectations

Just because information can be delivered instantly on the Internet, does not mean that websites can be created or fixed instantly.  Even back in my software development days we used to have a joke that whatever the developer told you, double the number and up the increment.  So if your programmer said it would be ready in two weeks, expect delivery in four months.  I don’t think things are that bad in the web world. Think ahead about your online marketing needs and you won’t find yourself waiting on other people.