What is Website Traffic Analysis?

If you are the owner of a website or an online business based on a website, hopefully you are asking lots of questions on how to make your website perform better. You know your website is collecting lots of data, but maybe when you see those traffic reports you are not sure what you are looking at? Not to mention, you have data coming from multiple sources and you are not sure how it all correlates.  A Website Traffic Analysis would be a website professional service that you may considering investing in for your company in order to clear up some of the confusion.

How it works:

Prior to meeting with your Website Analyst,  you will want to gather as much information as you can about the website.  Track down your logins to your website analytics accounts.  If you don’t have analytics installed on your website, do that right away.  You will benefit from the analysis more when you have at least 30 days worth of data to look at. A few months of data would be even better.

You will also want to track down conversion information if you can.  If visitors are supposed to purchase something off your site, then get your last few months of sales records together.  If visitors are supposed to fill out your contact us form,  track down the emails that resulted.  If they are supposed to signup for your newsletter list,  get your list together,  with a login to your email marketing tool,  you will want the dates where you received email addresses.

The analyst will take all this data for review and may even want to add some code of their own to your site for a short period of time,  just to gather additional data.  (Be prepared if they need access to your website code,  you will need to also track down your web hosting information.) The end result should be a written analysis that you can use as a blue print moving forward with your website.

What outcome am I looking for?

As the owner of a website, here are examples of answers I would expect to learn as a result of the Website Traffic Analysis:

  • Is my site converting visitors to leads that will become paying customers?
  • What content is producing converting visitors? What content needs to be reworked?
  • Are visitors using the important areas of my website?
  • What marketing strategies are working to drive traffic to my site?
  • If I am paying for traffic, via pay-per-click ads, banner ads or maybe even print advertising, does this traffic convert as well or better then traffic from other sources?
  • What is my priority list of changes that need to be made to the site?

The big question you should be asking is,  are the resources I am putting towards my website resulting in a return on my investment?  If not,  then how do I fix it?

If you would like more information or would like to know if your website would benefit from a website analysis,  sign-up for our free consultation.