When there is a plan, things get done.

Do you ever notice that a lot of stuff that gets done on the company website happens on the fly? And then the end of another year comes around and all the great ideas you had to really improve the website were all put aside to fight the fires coming from management. Let’s start the year out right. If we can start out with a plan for the website, we can identify what really needs to get done.

What should the Website Strategic Plan include?

  • Goals and Objectives – What are the goals for your business in 2013? How will they impact the company website? How could the website improve to reach those goals?
  • Create a Calendar – Plan all activities that need to be done to meet objectives and set a schedule so the work gets done.
  • Plan New Content – It is so much easier to create content when you know what you need to write. Let’s make a list, assign it to a content expert and create a deadline to get it done.
  • New Development or Functionality – Website fixes, website upgrades, new tools – can they happen this year? We will need resources, time and budget in our plan to get everything done.

Free Website Planning Tool

Cybervise has just the thing to help. We have a Free Website Strategic Planning Tool for you to download and get a big head start on your 2014 Plan. Look for a series of follow-up emails to help you complete the plan and prompt you to finish before 2015. Download the Plan today!

Need Help Creating Your 2014 Website Plan?

Cybervise has a service package that will help you create all of the plan deliverables. Email Cybervise or call today (513-510-4962) to schedule your Website Strategic Planning session.