What is a Website Rescue?

The goal of these projects is to recover or restore the site to the way it was. Website Rescues are necessary when the owner loses control over their own website.

Types of Rescue Projects Include:

  • Website is down and you are not sure how to get it back.
  • Current webmaster is no longer communicating.
  • No one remembers who your website contact should be or how to update it. And you need to update it now!
  • Not happy with your current web developer and need to leave.
  • Website was maintained by an employee no longer with the company and no else has these skills.
  • Website was handled by a volunteer to the organization. But you are ready for something more professional. Now need to move the website to an accessible location.

Cybervise Website Rescue Service

Secure a Copy

Depending on what logins you have, we would immediately try to obtain a copy of your website files.

New Hosting Account

Cybervise would then set you up on a new hosting environment. Cybervise does not host sites, but will help you get your site on an account that you are in control of.

Development Site

Cybervise would take the copy of the site and relaunch it on the new hosting. At this point, the site will be in development mode. So we can review the condition of the files.

Scan for Malware

Cybervise will scan your files at this point for any malware or viruses. In case one of these were responsible for taking the site down. If found, we would clean this up immediately so the site is healthy.

Update and Repair

We would run any missed software updates and update liscenses. Fix anything that broke during the move or updates. The amount of updates at this point is up to you. Depending on how urgent the situation is to get the site back up and running.

Re-Launch the Website

Cybervise will help to point any domain records to the new enviroment. Test the site once the site is live in its new home. Reset access to site files if needed. Cleanup any broken links or images as result of the move.

About Cybervise

Cybervise Limited is a website maintenance consulting firm. Located in Cincinnati, OH, our entire team is based in the Cincinnati area. We do not out-source our projects. We have been operating since 2007.

Cybervise is performing Website Rescues on a regular basis. The majority of rescues in 2023 are WordPress sites. But we can help with other platforms too. Any re-development of a site would be done in WordPress. Cybervise can fix what is broken or re-do the entire website, we customize solutions to meet your needs.

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WordPress Website?

WordPress sites can be easier to rescue. With an Administrator level login to your website, all we need is a backup. We can use this login to pull a backup of your website and move it wherever it needs to go. This can done within a couple of business days. If cancelling your current contract risks losing your WordPress site. Call Us before you notify your provider.

Project Terms and Requirements

Website Access

We will need to access your website accounts. The more access we have, the quicker and smoother the Rescue will go. We will need at least FTP login.

Discovery Meeting

To start, we will need to figure out the scope of the Rescues. We will setup a one-hour discovery web meeting where we determine level of access we have to the website. And the state of your files. Meeting time included in your price.


We will give a fixed-bid project cost for the initial phase. Price and size of the project will be based on the result of the discovery meeting.

Goal of Website Rescue

The goal of the Website Rescue is to get the existing site on a new hosting environment. Then restore access to the website for the website owners.

Updates and Design Changes

Additional updates and design changes can be done. Once the original site is located on the new hosting environment. This would be a new project with a new estimate.

Website Down?

Site is down and we cannot access a live site. Recovery may become rebuild and we would stop and assess at that point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Rescues

Q: Will I need to sign a contract?
A: Yes. We will have you sign  a Service Agreement just for the duration of the project.

Q: My current developer is also my host. Can you help me move my site?
A: Yes. Cybervise does not host sites, but we can help you move to a new host that matches your needs.  This is a typical Rescue scenario.

Q: I don’t have a WordPress site, can Cybervise still rescue it?
A: Yes. Our developers work with a variety of platforms. The exception would be if your site was built on proprietary software owned by your developer. Then the Rescue may become a rebuild.

Q: Do I need to move our website to Cybervise’s system?
A: No. As long as we can access your website files we are happy to work with your site where it is at.

Q: Can the Rescue be part of Maintenance Plan?
A: Yes. Many maintenance clients have started out as a rescue.

Q: Does Cybervise build websites?
A: Yes. See a sample of some of our latest projects. We can rebuild or recreate the site if rescue is not possible.

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