Does Your Website Make You a Target?

Should you post names of your clients on your website? Do you need the names of your clients for credibility with new prospects or are you creating a “target” list for the sales team of your competitors?

During a discussion with one of our website customers this week, we debated about whether or not to update the client list posted on their website. From the customer’s perspective, the client list was an asset for prospective clients and often sent prospects to this page on their website. Seeing recognizable names as part of the list was a big plus during the sales process and helped close the deal on many occasions.

From my perspective, this customer has had trouble in the past with a competitor copying functionality from their website. Since we knew that their website was highly scrutinized, were we handing over too much information to the competitor by posting a list for their sales team to target?

Pros: Clients Bring Credibility

  1. A healthy client list demonstrates experience – I know in our business, people want to see examples of our work. Posting a list of the clients we have worked for gives prospects an idea of the variety of projects we have completed.
  2. You need to post testimonials – The testimonials page is one of the most viewed pages on a website. You can post them without the names, but when they come from real people, they carry more weight.
  3. Prospects can check references – When you see a list of past clients you can Google search the company names together and look for press about the collaboration. If the Prospect sees someone on the list they know, they can call the client and ask about their experience.

Cons: Create a Target List for your Competitors

  1. People now know which companies outsource the services you offer – If they paid for the service once, they are likely to do it again and a friendly call asking when the current contract expires and would they be willing to setup a meeting to listen to an alternative before renewing, wouldn’t be hard to do.
  2. They could beat you on price – If your competitor has a good idea of what you charge, they could make a quick call to your customers and offer to save them money. Times are hard, it might work.
  3. What if they show-up on someone else’s site? – What if prospects start using your customer list in searches and your customer shows-up on a competitor’s website? Is it obvious on your website that this is a current customer list? Hopefully you will get a chance to explain.

This post might leave you wondering if the benefits outweigh the costs. We would be happy to discuss this with you based on the individual needs of your business in a free consultation.