• Hourly Rate for Pay-Per-Request Service is $88/hour.
  • All Pay-Per-Request Service will need to be paid in-advance – either by purchasing a block of hours or by providing a credit card for payment before service begins.
  • Hours purchased but not used for the initial request will be rolled over. Hours do not expire and can be used for additional requests in the future.
  • Any past due balances need to be cleared before additional service will be provided.

Our Pay-Per-Request Website Maintenance Service is for any web project – large or small

  • Minimum Project – 1/2 hour
  • To Get Started – We have a Service Agreement for you to sign to officially get started.
  • To Access your Website – We will need the “FTP” login for your website hosting account. If we can get FTP access to your site, we can help you.
  • Create a to-do list of website changes – If you are not sure
    what the list should be, we can also help create the list.
  • Feel free to call us first – If you are not sure how much work is required or what is possible with your existing website, we offer a free initial website consultation. We can discuss the project and give you an idea of how much time and costs are involved.
  • 2 Business Day turn-around on requests. If it can’t be done in two days, we will let you know up front.

Examples of Website Maintenance Costs for typical website changes

Item DescriptionHours BilledUnit
Adding, editing or deleting any page items.0.25per item
Adding hyperlinks to other sites.0.25per item
Page relocations0.5per page
Changes to a Graphic1.0per item
Changes to page templates1.0per item
Addition of pages1.0per page
Google Site Map1.0per website
Launch an Email Campaign3.0per campaign
Website Baseline Analysis2.0per website
Add Social Media Icons to homepage0.5per website
Reduce HTML code0.5per page
Integrate Email Marketing signup0.5per website
Create an External Style Sheet2.0per website