Cybervise has many pricing options for website services. We can find a fit for your current project or problem. Not sure what you need? Request a Free Consultation.

Website Services Pricing Options

  • Webmasters by the Hour – Have a few items that need fixed? We offer hourly billing for specific requests. No billing contract required.
  • Monthly Plans – Need on-going help? Our Maintenance Plans are for business websites working to improve performance. Different size plans for different size websites.
  • Fixed-Price Project – Planning a website project? Like a rebuild or a redesign? Cybervise can put together a proposal for a project start to finish with a fixed price.
  • WordPress Plans – We have monthly plans for WordPress site owners. If you need someone to handle the “techie” stuff, but you want to do the rest, our WordPress plans are designed for you.

What is Cybervise Website Maintenance Services?

Cybervise Limited is a website maintenance consulting firm that works with existing business websites. We have a group of professional webmasters, located in our Cincinnati, Ohio office. We do not out-source our projects. Our specialty is to work with businesses who already have a website that need help with changes ranging from big to small. Cybervise can fix what is broken or re-do the entire website, we customize solutions to meet your needs.

Our goal is to create a website that becomes a business asset for your organization. We feel strongly that websites should be owned by the business who pays for the website. We take extra steps so that all website assets remain in your control. Sometimes this can require a little extra communication from the client, but we want you to feel in control of your online presence. We will be your resource to make changes to the site that require a webmaster’s capability or an extra pair of hands when you don’t have time to get everything done. Cybervise can also provide individualized training to make sure you and your staff have a good understanding of how to make day-to-day updates of your website.

The Cybervise Guarantee

  • All requests are handled within 2 business days. If the request cannot be completed in this time frame, we will tell you upfront.
  • We have a backup of your site on hand locally at all times.
  • Everything we do is reversible and we create extra backups to make sure that it is.
  • We guarantee satisfaction with our service. We always fix any errors we are responsible for and do not charge extra for time spent on fixing things we broke.
Let’s discuss what your website needs and pick a pricing plan to match.