My Website: Fix It or Rebuild It?

Since we focus on website maintenance,  we are in the business of fixing websites.   We try very hard to not be the website person that before you finish the sentence, “I need help with my website”, they are trying to sell you a new website.   Admittedly, more then once business owners have brought us a mess.   When that happens,  I am asked,  at what point do we just start over?

Choosing Between Website Redesign or Website Updates

Here are a few arguments to help you decide whether or not you need to start over:

Fix it: 

  • Never finished – Your website has contained mostly empty pages for some time now.  What is the likely hood you are going to finish a new website?  Make a plan to write your content,  prettier empty pages won’t help you.
  • Can’t Close a Sale/Get a Lead/Convert a User – Why? If you don’t know why you can’t generate any business off your website,  a new website may make the solution harder to find.  Spend the money when you know what problem you need to solve.
  • Security – You are experiencing lots of spam, malware, viruses.   First of all,  this may not wait for a new site you need to fix it now.  Second,  these issues may have more to do with the quality of your web hosting and not the website.   If you launch a new site on  the same crappy hosting,  you will be right back where you started.
  • Website is less than a year old – You need to give it a chance to work.  Websites are never done,  so its not usual to launch a new site and still have stuff to fix.  Doesn’t mean you made a mistake,  definitely doesn’t mean you should start over.  Before you conclude that the site is a dude,  gather the evidence to prove it.

Rebuild it: 

  • Near impossible to update the site – If its a major project to get anything,  even the simplest things on your site changed,  then your current site is doing you no good.  You need something easy to work with that can change with your business.  Rebuild.
  • Your customers are complaining – No brainer,  if the people paying you are taking the trouble to complain about your website,  what else do you need to know to make a change?
  • No confident the site can complete sales or handle current volume –  If you are losing sales because of technical problems with your cart,  if your current vendor is taking a percentage of your sales that erases your profit margin or you site has display or problems staying up,  you are losing money every day this site sticks around.  Rebuild.
  • Website is older then 5 years –  The way we build websites,  the way we optimize websites,  the way users visit your site has evolved light years in the past 5 years.  If you are not making a change because you think the site works just “fine”,  I would say fine for who?  Even if you are still in love with how it looks,  think about rebuilding the underlying code.

You could go either way:

  • Mobile Compatibility –  Depending on the condition of your current site,  responsive code or a mobile native site could be added without totally having to rebuild.  But if you are looking for a justification to make a change,  better device compatibility would be a great  reason to rebuild.
  • Search Optimization –  Quality content is the key to search performance.  If you need to work on your content,  a new website can be unproductive.   But there are also many SEO issues caused by technical problems with your website.  Doesn’t matter if you have a new or old site, you will still need to work on optimization Get your site reviewed, figure out what you need before you spend.

Golden Rule of Website Updates

What will cost less or what will save the most time,  to get the biggest impact?   Answer that, you will know what to do.

Would you like someone to take a look at your site?  Use our free consultation to help make your decision.