Is Your Website an Essential Service?

New Urgency for Website Improvement

We have witnessed business websites undergo a stress test in the first half of 2020. And many businesses were caught off guard when they needed their website to pick up the slack as world wide events changed business priorities.

What we all need is a website that our customers can rely on. We need a website that can be a face to our company when our actual faces can’t be there. Right now we may have a window of opportunity to put in place online what we really need. But our deadline may be looming.

This month our webinar will address the function of our company website. What should it be and what can we do in a short amount of time to get it there?

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Many businesses have been operating for awhile now in a state of emergency. The assumption is that at some point somebody is going to give the all clear signal. We will be back to business as normal. What has happened is the behavior of website visitors has changed. And those changes are permanent changes.

People are still working at home. You have to deal with communication to clients and prospects that are remote. Everything is happening online. There is a huge boom of online sales. We’re also seeing is this this idea of brand loyalty put to the test in favor or availability.

Now, depending on what business you’re in, you can see this either as a problem or an opportunity. This kind of new business climate has exposed weaknesses with business websites. They weren’t as ready to be online or operate remotely as they should be.

I’m here today to encourage you to take this moment and use what you’ve learned. Make your current website more of an essential service. Something that could in a step-in in a crisis. The source of information for your products and services. For your customers and your salespeople.

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