Website Do-Over: Specific Domain

If I could start again, I would pick a better domain name.

We have a couple of customers who would love to have a second chance at picking their domain name.  The name they chose was a familiar catchphrase or popular saying; something like “a penny saved is a penny earned” or “here’s looking at you”.  Thinking that it would be easy for customers to remember and come to their site.

Instead,  they have to fight for their search results position every month through endless references to these phrases on millions of websites that have nothing to do with what they sell.  They have to work to out rank millions of other websites for their own business name.

Remember,  when you register your business name, it just covers the state where you are located.  When you register your domain name, it covers the world.

Be creative, take the time to find a specific domain that is something unique, maybe even make up a word (like “Twitter”). It will save you a lot of search engine marketing dollars in the future.