Cybervise Maintenance Plans include any level of help needed to make changes to your website. Do any of these scenarios sound like your site?

  • You are creating website content, but it feels like it takes you forever to get it posted. You can post it yourself, you just don’t have time. Being able to hand over changes and have simple changes make quickly would be a big help.
  • Things are not working or display the way you would like on your website. It would be great to have help troubleshooting the existing issues. This may involve fixing how something works. Or changing how something looks.
  • There is more you would like to do with your website. But you can’t seem to find a plugin or something easy that will implement your idea. Could a few lines of code written for your site be a solution? You need someone who understands how the website works and can customize the code to help.

All of these scenarios are possible under our maintenance plans. Whether your changes are simple and time consuming. Or need technical expertise that you don’t have in house. Send us your requests.

Service Level Agreement for all Website Changes and Updates

  • All Website Changes and Updates are completed within 2 business days. If your request is not possible within this time frame, a Cybervise webmaster will let you know.
  • Your Maintenance Plan is charged a minimum of 15 minutes for each Change or Update. Anything that needs more time will be billed in 15 min increments after that.
  • Changes and Updates requested on Friday may be completed on Monday. Same with any Holidays, expect requests to be finished following the holiday.
  • Cybervise can provide an estimate for your request before work begins. And discuss how best to use plan hours.

No Defined Set of Tasks

Unlike other companies, our Maintenance Plans have no predetermined set of tasks. Developer Hours included in your plan can be used for to perform any of our Webmaster Services. Or whatever updates and changes you request.

Monitoring Website Updates

Is it important for your business to track what changes on your website? Our Website Performance report documents what has changed on your site this month.

Learn More about our Monthly Website Maintenance Plans.