A website that is easy to use will be visited often and will perform better than its competitors. Cybervise staff possess a strong education and field practice background in Human Factors Engineering, also know as User-Centered Design.

User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design uses interaction flows, user behaviors and screen layouts to create a web page that is clear and succinct and allows your website visitors to complete their tasks easily on your website. Cybervise will act as the advocate for your customers to help redesign your web pages from the user’s perspective. Customers will love your website again, inquiries and sales from your website will increase and you will get the ROI on your website spending.

Usability Testing Services:

Heuristic Reviews – Put your website in front of a panel of experts. Get a fresh view of how your website performs and ideas to ramp up performance.

Competitive Functionality Audit – Does your website hold-up against your competitors? A competitive audit will gather all the data you need to answer this question.

Information Architecture – Is the most important information on your site hard to find? How many clicks does it take to get to the “buy now” button? A re-organization of your website can make all the difference.

Site Tagging – Sometimes more specific data is needed to determine whether or not users are finding important information on your website easily. Site tagging can provide more specific data not available from standard website analytics programs.

Customer Surveys – The best source for information on your website is the customer’s who use it frequently. Customer Surveys can help combat bad assumptions on how people use your website and discover the website content that should be part of your site.