Top 10 Reasons Cybervise Customers Redesign their Website

  1. Business is changing – Adding a new branch, new product launch, more services, any big change where the look of your company is changing and your website needs to change with it.
  2. Customers are complaining – Users of their website have been complaining that information is hard to find and they are frustrated with
  3. No space for new information – You have information that needs to get out to your users, but your designer left you with a homepage with no available space for new items or a place in your navigation for new pages. It is hard to stay up-to-date if your site won’t let you.
  4. Easier Updates – This problem takes two forms, either the client would like the ability to make website updates on their own or the tool they are currently using is so difficult to work with, the updates are not happening.
  5. Old Code – Users are reporting display problems in new browsers or mobile devices, which code mean that the code behind the website is old enough that is it no longer valid for use with new technology.
  6. Search engine issues – Your website is getting minimal search traffic or does not appear in search results. Website architecture could be a big factor. If your website was built incompatible to search engine, rebuilding the site will bring immediate results.
  7. Just finished re-branding – If your company just got a new look, your website needs one too. If your current site can facilitate that change, then a redesign is the right thing to do.
  8. No one is paying attention – If your website traffic has dwindled to nothing and it has been a long time since anyone bought/downloaded/signed-up for anything on your site, a fresh start may be the size of the jump start you need.
  9. Audience has changed – Changing from B2B to B2C market, trying to attract groups instead of individual users, moving towards commercial business clients from a government or non-profit client base, all great reasons to start a major website overhaul.
  10. Never happy with it in the first place! Enough said.

All of these reasons are good business rationals to start over with a new website. Notice we didn’t say anything about quality of graphics or age of the website. A Website Redesign is a big project and we want to make sure this is the correct path to fix a website before you take on the time and expense of these projects.

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