Time to do Keyword Research

Keyword Research is not just for SEO campaigns

Many businesses think about hiring help to do keyword research once the website is up and running and they want to work on search engine rankings. Here are a couple of scenarios where being keyword focused as part of the structure of your business could have saved time and money in the beginning.

  • Naming Your Products – While working with one of our clients this past month, we were working on optimizing pages of their online store. As we researched keywords to use in their product descriptions, it became obvious that the product names were going to be an issue. Especially since product names are often automatically used in key locations for SEO in most E-commerce programs. But it was too late. Branding and packaging had already been done and money spent. Inside of trying to drive traffic after the fact, wouldn’t it have been great to name a product based on what people are searching for?
  • Naming Your Business – In this scenario, a client wanted to work on SEO because they were getting feedback from clients that they were hard to find online. Based on initial research we found that 52 other companies/individuals were posting content online using an almost identical business name. Officially, no one could use their business name in the state of Ohio, but that doesn’t stop anyone from setting up blog user names, email addresses or social media handles using that name. Now this business has to work hard just to optimize for their own name!
  • Creating Your Business Plan – A client came to us last fall unhappy with the amount of leads they were getting from their website. This particular business was filling a very specific niche, so one of our first tasks was to see how people were searching online for this service and start to re-work the content of this website. We did some serious digging and could not find any evidence of any searches that matched this business niche. The research was confirmed by the client after attending a trade show for the industry and found out that her chosen niche was a struggling industry. We then recommended postponing any further spending on the existing website and go back to her business plan. I can’t help but wonder if keyword research had been done in the business planning stage, a lot of money and time could have been saved before going down this path.

Want to get started on your own keyword research? Many test the demand for the products you have to offer. Try Google’s Free Keyword Tool. It only makes sense, if you build a business around what people are searching for, you will have a built in demand for your product or service.