What will it take to keep up with Google in 2018? Cybervise presents a Model of Best Practices to Improve Search Performance

Stop worrying about SEO trends. You don’t have time. Here is a list of required projects for search performance. Use 2018 to detach from the chaos and work on creating a solid, steady business website. How can you adjust your SEO Strategy to tap into your current website investment, keep up with Google and become a model of best practices? Our Technical SEO Guide is a place to start.

Outline of your 2018 Technical SEO Plan

  • Choosing Your Focus
    • Technical vs. Content-Focused
    • Scorecard
  • Technical SEO
    • Project Checklist
  • Basics You Can’t Ignore in 2018
    • HTTPs
    • Page Speed
    • Google Search Console
    • Mobile First

Would you like an SEO Audit of your website?

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