Why do you need to prepare your business website for 2018?

A lot of times we find that website owners are too reactionary. They wait to make changes once the warning messages are showing and their website is no longer working correctly. Our team at Cybervise is trying to be proactive and give business owners a heads-up about the technical and legal requirements that are coming down the road for business websites. Some of the changes proposed for next year will have immediate impact on your business. In some cases it could mean losing a good chunk of your search traffic. In other cases, it could mean leaving your business vulnerable to legal action. We want you to start asking questions now to figure out what you need before you are faced with a drop-deal due date.

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Preparing Your Website for 2018

What is different about 2018?

  1. You will need time. – What I predict is websites will need work on three major areas.
    1. Content-either to increase quality or volume.
    2. Simplify design to meet legal and device standards.
    3. Large volume of really small tweaks to code for compliance.

    None of this can happen with 24 hour notice, probably not even with a week’s notice. If the concern is to avoid litigation, you want time to test and review.

  2. You will need help. – Changes coming in 2018 are going to be more than updates in the WordPress admin. You will need programming help and may need to hire other vendors to help with certifications. If wait for the deadlines, everyone else will also be booking services too.
  3. You will need a budget. – Depending on your business situation, you will likely need to engage some legal advice to get through some of these changes. Some will require your website to receive certification. The certification process will cost money. Even security updates we will be discussing may require an upgrade in your website budget. If you are not used to setting aside a website budget, it would be good to know now what you are looking at.

What Business Websites will be impacted by required changes in 2018?

If your business falls in one of these categories, you need to prepare a plan for 2018:

  • Online Store or selling product online.
  • Physical business location where customers come to your business to buy or receive service and you have a website.
  • If your customers are in the European Union, Great Britain or Switzerland or if your website allows orders from these regions.
  • If you have blog or email subscribers or website visitors from the EU, UK or SUI.
  • Industries targeted for litigation because of their websites include: retail, healthcare, travel, and real estate.
  • If your website was subject to a hacking or malware attack at any point in the past year.

Business doesn’t fall in this list? Don’t get too relaxed. If your business relies heavily on search traffic from Google for new business, the pending move to a Mobile-First Index will have a major impact. Being mobile-friendly is not the same as mobile-first, it will be a pretty radical change for a lot of websites and not something that can be fixed quick. Plan for it.

Online Resources to Help You:

Free Website Guide – Need a checklist to get all this done? Download our free 2018 Website Preparation Guide.

As a business owner, I don’t like to blindsided. Especially when it comes to things that might cost the business money. The reason we wanted to do this webinar is to try and get as much introductory info out as soon as possible. There will be a lot of individual business questions, but we wanted everyone to have a baseline education on these issues.