Prepare to Meet Your Webmaster

Are you scheduled to meet with your Webmaster?  This could be a great opportunity to brainstorm your marketing ideas with a technical resource,  so take advantage of the face-time.

How to Prepare for the Webmaster Meeting

Here are four questions to think about before the meeting.   If possible,  send the answers to me ahead of time so I can prepare.

  1. What are your business goals for 2016?   List 2-5 goals,  they don’t have to be website related.   Talk to your Webmaster about your business priorities. Since they are the one most focused on your website,  they can provide a lot of insight to how the website could better support the business and better utilized Webmaster resources.
  2. Audience –  Who should the website speak to?  Provide as much detail as you can.  Examples would be demographics, job descriptions, industry experience,  interests.  If you have never had this conversation with your Webmaster,  I think it would help all parties involved.  Your Webmaster can be a great extra set of eyes to review content and then follow-up with analytics to see how things have performed.  More website traffic is great, but if you aren’t attracting the right leads,  its a waste of resources.  Your Webmaster can help monitor whether or not website content is focused towards the best website visitors.
  3. Concerns –  What are your concerns about your current website?  What expectations have not been met?  What needs to improve? Your Webmaster should be open to hearing what still needs to be done with the company website and should have some suggestions on how to improve.  This would also be a good opportunity to discuss whether or not internal resources are supporting the website initiatives.  Make sure to ask your Webmaster what has hindered their efforts and how to improve your team’s response.
  4. New Ideas –  What new stuff would like to try, either on the website or online in general? Social Media?  Email Marketing?  What new content or functionality would like to add to the site?   A new call to action?  If you can begin to identify new stuff planned for the website,  you can start to create a schedule. A schedule will help everyone.  The Webmaster will be able to anticipate when extra attention is needed for the website and allow plenty of time for new projects to hit your deadlines.  This will also help your team anticipate when the Webmaster needs have items from your team in order to be ready in time and will also give you the opportunity to plan out Webmaster resources,  so you don’t find yourself facing a deadline and no budget for Webmaster help.

Looking for a New Webmaster

If the Webmaster meeting you have scheduled is to interview a new resource,  take advantage of the time and still come prepared for the meeting.  Many Webmasters,   including Cybervise,  use that initial meeting as a first consultation where ideas can be talked out and project plans begin to form.   If you are prepared,  you are likely to come out of the meeting with a lot of actionable advice.

Would you Like to Meet with a Webmaster?

Cybervise offers a free initial consultation.   Request a meeting today!