How often do I need Website Maintenance?

Cybervise recommends at least monthly maintenance on your website. 

The amount of maintenance can vary depending on the function of your website and the type of business you have. Your strategic plan or marketing goals can also define how often you need maintenance.  Here are some examples.   If your site is:

  • built on a Content Management Site (CMS), like WordPress – Weekly Maintenance
  • an E-commerce site (Online Store) – at least Weekly Maintenance,  maybe more
  • relying on Search Traffic or SEO is part of your marketing plan – at least Monthly Maintenance, Weekly is better
  • the main source of sales leads for your business – at least Monthly Maintenance

Maintenance that concerns all Website Owners 

  • Check your Conversion Activity – on a monthly basis, make sure your are receiving inquiries off your website.  If you have the ability to login to your website and see submissions,  make sure to check submissions weekly, to verify no emails have been missed.
  • Buy something from yourself – check the functioning of your shopping cart once per month.
  • Monitor Page Speed – use the speed report in Google Analytics or Google’s Page Speed test
  • Google Search Console – at least once per month.
    • Index Status
    • Crawl Errors
    • Manual Actions

Maintenance for CMS sites – WordPress/Joomla

Running a website based on a content management system is very similar to maintaining your PC.  The more you delay maintenance, the risk for a security issue increases.  A study released by the website security firm, Sucuri,  identified that 56-97% of sites infected with a malware or damaged by hackers, were running old versions of their CMS software.

For a WordPress website,  we recommend the following:

  • Plugins – updates should be checked weekly.
  • WordPress Software – applied as soon as the release happens.   See the release schedule for WordPress. 
  • Themes – if purchased,  monthly updates.  If you have a custom built them,  you may require updates following each WordPress software update.
  • using a plugin to check for broken links on a regular basis.
  • using a plugin to monitor for security.

Maintenance as it related to Search Optimization 

In November 2015,  Google released a copy of the their “Search Quality Guidelines”.  This document introduced the concept of “Evidence of Maintenance”.  Google is looking for obvious evidence that the website is cared for and their is a live contact behind the website.

If you are concerned about your search optimization or Google ratings,  then the following technical maintenance should ideally be done on a weekly basis:

  • Check for broken links to other websites.
  • Make sure images load.
  • Take down any expired content – old news or past events.
  • Clean out any spam comments from your blog or site.