Measuring Website Success

What task could your website perform to help grow your business,
further a sale or save you money?

What defines a successful website? For a place to start: We believe that every website should at least be able to save or generate enough money to produce a return on the investment (either time or money) that it took to launch the website and the on-going investment of maintaining a high performing website.

Role of a Successful Website

Before you can reach success, you need to define success. The most obvious roles of a successful website would be 1.Generating Leads and 2. Selling Product. But what if those ideas don’t work for your business?Here are some more examples of what a really good website can do:

  1. Customer Support -Direct customer inquiries to your website and save money and resources on routine support requests.
  2. Landing Referrals-Use your website content to help follow-up on word-of-mouth referrals, provide plenty of detailed content about your product and services and allow prospects to further research your company. Don’t forget to provide information for prospects at all stages of your sales process.
  3. Promote Your Expertise-Everybody wants to do business with the best. Use your website to demonstrate you are a leader in your field. Become a hub of information by providing timely articles and useful downloads relevant to potential customers.
  4. Brand Recognition -People do business with people they know. The more your company is seen, the more familiar you become. Use your website to keep your name in front of potential customers.
  5. Recruiting Employees – Having trouble finding the best people?  Use your website to target potential employees and have them start coming to you. Provide a place for potential employees to contact you and include information about the type of work they would be expected to do and successful projects completed by your company.

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